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PostHeaderIcon Giro d’Italia 2015 starts few rides from here!

We’re almost there. In less than 2 months a new edition of the “pink race” is going to start its tour along roads and mountains of the Italic peninsula. But this year it starts just a few kms from here!

The first stage, a team time trial, will depart May, 9th from San Lorenzo al Mare (5 Kms from here) ending in Sanremo, riding along the bike path, flagship structure of the province of Imperia.

We could name it “The Ride of the Saints”: from Saint Lawrence (San Lorenzo) to Saint Remus (San Remo), passing through Saint Stephen (Santo Stefano), in an ideal procession of brotherhoods that marks the beginning of the annual liturgy of the big stage races.

So, on more than 17 Kms of flat path, overhanging the whale sanctuary, looking at the Monaco coastline peeping out in the afternoon haze, 22 teams will compete to win the title of first winner of Giro d’Italia 2015.

But it doesn’t end there: the second stage will start from Albenga, will turn back toward the province of Imperia reaching Andora, then it will climb to Testico before definitely turning to Genoa.

It’s a super opportunity to watch twice champions and wingmen challenge each other on the roads of Liguria.

What if, races ended, we drank a beer on the patio? Stow the bike in our safe and secure storehouse and let’s spend the evening telling us about the emotions of the day.

PostHeaderIcon Uninvited Guests

Yesterday evening we were preparing meal to have dinner in the garden with friends and guests. Suddenly, someone screamed: “Wild pigs!!”. A mom followed by 6 piglets had just come in the play area and after a short raid around the laurel bushes, some grunting near the watermelones and some tumbling under the pears, mom headed toward our neighbor’s land, the 6 in perfect single line.

After a moment when all of us were trying to see those uninvited and funny guests, it started a rush to take photos: those who waved the smartphone trying to get the best picture, taking care of standing at a safe distance, those who jumped upstairs to reach the porch and film the scene from a standing position, those who, overall teens, were yelling their surprise, looking at a show never seen before.

Michele explained, later, that the family shows itself since April, when the piglets had still a striped fur.

It happens even this, here, at Coppi Rossi.