Malina This is me. I’m Malina.

I’ll lead you as Virgil through the Inferno of bureaucracy, the Purgatory of renovations and, I strongly hope, the Paradise of the agritourism management.

And that’s Michele, the other half of my sky. Someone defined him “the mild Cerberus”; we’re considering to employ him as the receptionist.


Marta This is Marta, the most lovable teenager every mom wants at home. Well, until we fight … ehm, calmly debate on each and every matter.
Last but not least, our Gigia, the bat-dog of the impossible challenges. SHE is a real cerberus, absolutely not mild! And in her case, size doesn’t matter! You see Gigia in her real look as she didn’t decline to sign the permission to manage her privacy. Gigia

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